There are over 50 beautiful children at the Christ Our Hope Orphanage that are counting on your help and generosity!

Click below to see some of the children:



Bill with kids

Bill McCollum with children a the Christ our Hope Orphanage.

Welcome Orphan Cry

Bill in front of Christ our Hope Orphanage with the Orphan Cry welcome sign

Bromley Mission

The Bromley Episcopal Mission and Girls School


Kids enjoy some American Candy


Enjoying some American Candy

Children's Church

Frances Kettor teaches the children at Abide in the Vine Fellowship's children's service.

Bill with Children

Bill McCollum relaxing with some children at Christ our Hope Orphanage and school.

School Time

Children at Christ our Hope Classroom

Christ our Hope Center

Children at the desks.


This communion set was donated to Abide in the Vine Fellowship, Liberia by First Baptist Church of Sidney, NY.

Liberian Congress

Bill McCollum and Ken Wilcox meet with the Lofa County, Foya District of Liberia Congressman.

Christ our Hope Directors

Pastor and Mrs. Emanual Bimba, directors of the Christ our Hope Children's Center with Bill McCollum and Ken Wilcox

Harvested Rice

Ken is shown with harvested rice being sun dried. Later it will be thrashed to remove the hulls. Rice is the main staple for the children at the center.

Dunbar Farm

The Dunbar Farm is a sustainable development project underway with Abide in theVine Fellowhship and Orphan Cry Ministries.

Faith School

Faith School is one of the ministries of Abide in the Vine Fellowship, Liberia. Orphan Cry is pleased to be able to assist in this effort.

Faith School

Children from Faith School

Faith School

Ken Wilcox with children at Faith School.

Celebration Dinner

Orphan Cry sponsored a special meal for all of the children and staff at the Christ our Hope Orphanage. There was plenty of rice, chicken, and palm butter.

Preparing the meal

The ladies getting the meal prepared.

Soccer game

The kids are enjoying thier new soccer ball.


Ken with one of the children

Harvest Time

Ken is shown how to harvest rice. (but he is not very good at it).

That's using your head.

A common sight in Liberia. You can see almost anything being carried on top of peoples heads. They use a small beand bag to help contour objects to fit on their head.

Important Government Meetings

Orphan Cry representatatives meet with the Liberian Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Services. This department is repsonsible for overseeing orphanages in Liberia.

Home Sweet Home

The Dorothy Pryor Baptist Compound. Our residence while we were in Monrovia. You can see at the top left where the electrical connection used to be. There is no electricty in this part of the city anymore.

Keeping Order

The U.N. is keeping order in post war Liberia. We found it to be very safe there.

Keeping the Peace

The U.N. Peacekeeping Headquarters in Monrovia. We found the city to be very peaceful.

Abide in the Vine Fellowship

Rev. Robert Bimba, Sr. Pastor of Abide in the Vine Fellowhsip and Ken Wilcox, Orphan Cry Executive Director. A promising partnership.

Christ our Hope Orphanage

Ken with Children from Christ our Hope Orphanage.

New friends

Ken and one of the girls from Christ our Hope orphanage.


One of the many roadside market booths on the way "up country" in Liberia.

Lunch Time

Enjoying their meal.

Soccer time

Bill McCollum presents a new soccer ball to the kids at the orphanage.

The new well at Abide in the Vine Fellowhship

This new well is located at Abide in the Vine Fellowship and services the surrounding region. The well was just completed with the help of World Hope International.

New Well

Fresh Clean Water

Bill testing out the new well

The new well


One view from our Guest house window.

Rainbow Town

Rainbow Town was a joint project with Samaritan's Purse. The compound contains an orphanage, school, and sustainable development farm.

Ken at Rainbow Town

Child at Rainbow Town

Rainbow Town

Food prepartion at Rainbow Town

Rainbow Town

Ken with the newest arrival to Rainbow Town's orphanage. This child has just arrived.

Dubar Farm

The rice field at Dunbar Farm. A sustainable development project of Abide in the Vine Fellowship. Orphan Cry Ministries is assisisting with this important project.

Rotary International

Ken, a Rotarian himself, meets with the President of the Monrovia Rotary Club. (for you Rotarians, Ken is a Paul Harris Fellow and Past President of the Bainbridge Rotary Club of New York). The Monrovia Rotary Club is interested in partnering with Orphan Cry and Abide in the Vine to provide clean water to the Christ our Hope Orphanage.

School Boy

Although poverty is intense, the Liberian children can often be seen in spotless school uniforms.

Party Time

Ken Wilcox helps serve up the special meal at Christ our Hope Orphanage.

The Liberian Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Services

The Orphan Cry Team meets with the Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Services of Liberia. This office is in charge of overseeing the orphanages in Liberia.

Orphan girl taking a break

The Kettor family

Ben, Ben Junior, and Frances Kettor. Orphan Cry missionaries.

A full load

Heading "up country" in Liberia

Market Stand

The fresh pineapples and plantains were delicious!

The Vice President of Liberia

Bill McCollum and Ken Wilcox had the honor of meeting with the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia. He thanked us for the work we were doing and provided us with a very helpful history of the nation and outline of the plans for the future. We were accompanied by Ben Kettor and Rev. Robert Bimba.


The sun goes down over a watch tower at the UN station in Monrovia. A testament to the old days. A new day is dawning in Liberia, and we felt very welcome there.

Children's bedroom

Ken and Ben inspecting the crowded and inadequate sleeping arrangments for the children.

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